Tips on viewing a new property

Tips on viewing a new property

Viewing a property can be exciting – you start to imagine what it would be like living there. Planning where all the furniture will be placed. Maybe even thinking about redecorating when you move in. However before you carried away with the property stop and think about the following points before making any decision:-

Do not view a property alone

Never go to a viewing alone. Take either a partner or a friend or simply attend the viewing with the estate agent. It is much safer that way plus you can always get the other persons option.

Tips on viewing a new property

How long has the property been on the market?

If you find out that the property you are viewing has been on the market for around 3-6 months and not sold then ask your estate agent why this is?

It could be the property is overpriced in the first instance and now they have decided to reduce the price for a quick sale?

Do check to find out if there were any offers made and if so why were they rejected. It could be that the property service uncovered some major issues.


The local area

Tips on viewing a new property

You may only be moving a few miles away and think you know the local area but a few miles can make a big difference.

Either research or ask your Estate Agent or owner of the property the following

  • Are there good schools nearby?
  • What is the parking situation in the area? Do you need to have a parking permit?
  • Where is the nearest Bus Stop/Train Station?
  • Are there many parks in the area?
  • Where is the nearest supermarket/petrol station?
  • Where is the local pubs and how noisy does it get at night?
  • Do you have good restaurants in the area?
  • What is the crime rate?
  • How noisy are the neighbours?

In addition I would recommend before your second viewing of the property is to visit the area at different times of the day and night. It may be very quiet during the day when you visit compared to Saturday evening for example.


Why is the seller moving?

There could be a number of reasons

Perhaps the children have all left home and they want to down size

Maybe they dislike the area

It could be that there are going to be major developments coming up in the area

However if they have only lived in the house for a few years ask yourself why they are moving. Do they not get on with the neighbours? It is too noisy? Are there issues with the property?


Electrical Works

When viewing the property do check the electrics by switching the light and plug sockets on and off. Do check that the oven and fridge/freezer are working. When walking round the property check to see if there are any electric wires broken or exposed – as these could be dangerous.


The boiler

You need to check when the boiler was last serviced? If more than 12 months then it could cause you problems down the line – especially if it is an older boiler so before you purchase the property do make sure you get a service carried out on the boiler


Check for damp

Damp in the house can cause major problems in the future. When viewing the property check for signs of flaky plaster and watermarked walls – especially the skirting boards and ceiling areas. Has the property been recently repainted? It could be a sign the damp is being covered up.


Check the plumbing

Tips on viewing a new property

Do check that all the plumbing fixtures work correctly. Check under the kitchen and bathroom sinks for damp spots. Look at the bath and shower for signs of any mouldy silicone. Also do not be afraid to turn on all the taps in the property to check the water pressure is ok.


Look at the roof

Tips on viewing a new property

While you are viewing the inside and outside of the property you need to look up to the roof area as well.

Are there any missing or displaced tiles on the roof? What about the gutters are they leaky?

If you need to replace tiles and gutters this is an additional cost and plus it could even be the whole roof needs to be replaced which could be a major expense



With rising costs we all need to keep an eye on expenses. So check how much more it could cost you when living in the new property. Ask how much the charges are for gas, electric and water bills.


What is included in the property?

Do ask what is included in the price. Are they going to leave you the curtains? Light fittings, all the white goods? It is important you agree with the seller before you move in.


Are the sellers in a chain

If the sellers are in a chain this could delay you moving into the property. Especially if you want to move fairly quickly.

As you can see there are lots of things to think about – however if you do your research well then no doubt you will be moving into the house of your dreams.



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