Tips on how to keep your home safe

Tips on how to keep your home safe

Imagine coming home from work and finding that a burglar has been in your home. Being burgled can be a traumatic experience. Simply the fact that someone has broken into your home can be stressful enough.

Many burglaries are simply spur of the moment – they do not even have to use force. They can be walking by and see a window open, a ladder by the roof or even fish for your key thought the letter box. Most are opportunists and simply trying their luck.

Below are a few tips on how to stop burglars entering your home.

Your keys

Finding a key is simply the easiest way for a person to enter a locked house or building. Remember burglars like the quick easy route.

Only leave your spare house key with people you trust. Never hand them to neighbours or friends that do not really know.

Keep a log of how many keys you have at home and never put your address on them.

Never leave your home/car keys on a table or hook near the front door. Thieves can target the keys by using a hook to simply remove them and enter your home. They do not even have to enter your home to steal your car keys and simply drive the car away while you are asleep. One way of avoiding this is to get a letter cage that way the burglar will be unable to access any keys When you move into a new home change the locks as soon as you can. After all you do not know who has had access to your home in the past.

Also never leave your keys on show by the window. A burglar can simply walk by and smash the window especially if the area is quite and they know you are out.

Tips on how to keep your home safe

Ladders and Tools

Never leave a ladder unattended while you are out. You may think I am only popping out for a few minutes but that is all a burglar needs. Make sure all ladders and tools are hidden away.

The average UK shed has plenty of tools that a burglar could use to break into your home. For example, using Hammers or chisels a good burglar could gain entry into your home. So it is important that you invest in a good lock for your shed and again unless in use keep it locked

Tips on how to keep your home safe


What is on display

Many households lead busy lives and often will have a calendar in the kitchen – often facing the window. However, you should remove the calendar to a position where no outsider can see it. A burglar simply has to take a note of times and dates you are going to be away e.g. holidays and can then plan to rob your home while no one is there.

Protecting your possessions


Do check that your home and building contents are up to date and that the cover you have is adequate. Go round your home and check how much it would cost to replace these items if they were stolen.

Do take photographs of high end items. For high end items such as expensive watches, jewellery or handbags take a photograph of you wearing the item. However, do not place any of these photos on social media as this will let burglars know you have valuables at home.


Install a safe

Installing a home save if you have value possessions is a good idea. Find a good place where it will not be easily found. Do not use the bedroom as that could be one of the first places a burglar looks for. The safe must be bolted to solid wall or fire. Home safes are also fire and insurance rated according to the value of items to be placed in the safe.


Property Marking

One good way to identify stolen goods if they have been found and need to be identified is by property marketing.

You can buy a special marker ink or paint pen that is only visible under UV light. Mark each of your items with your post code and house or flat number. By doing this thieves will have difficulty selling your items.


Scammers at your door

The majority of people who knock at your door will be genuine but some could turn up unannounced trying to trick you into getting into your home.

So if someone knocks at your door and you do not know them – think are you expecting anyone to visit. Make sure all back doors are locked and keys taken out. If you have a spy hole in the door look through there to see who it is

If they say they are from the Council, Policy etc. – check and ask to see evidence. Even if they show a badge say I will just call the Council, Police etc. to verify you are who you are. If they are genuine they will be willing to wait until you made the call.

When you go on holiday

If you trust your neighbours very well you could ask them to keep an eye on the property. For example, they can use your parking space and post your letters into your letterbox.

Do cancel any newspapers or milk deliveries.

You can use the Royal Mail ‘keepsafe’ service and they will keep your post for up to 2 months while you are away –

Do not post on social media that you are going on holiday. 78% of burglars use Facebook and Twitter to target potential properties.

I hope these few tips prove useful. If you are worried about burglaries or feeling unsafe if in doubt always dial 999.


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