How to beat the January blues

How to beat the January blues

The excitement and joy of Christmas and the New Year is over  – how do you feel?

For many people they now feel a little low. Lets face it we have dark mornings, cold weather and high energy bills. Not a great start to the New Year.

In January we often feel low in mood, unhappy, lack of motivation, feeling overweight and tired.

In face 18 January is meant to be the worst day of the year for feeling down. Mainly due to our credit card bills coming in around this time. We feel we have nothing to look forward to.

Below are some tips to be the January Blues (if you are worried then please seek professional help).

How to beat the January blues

 Stop making New Year Resolutions

One big issue is that we make New Year Resolutions and we feel upset when we cannot stick to them. Only try and make New Year Resolutions you know you can stick to. For example instead of saying I will walk 10,000 steps a day start with just getting off the bus or tube one or two stops earlier. That is something that is achieveable.


How to beat the January blues

Spend more time outside

You may not want to venture outside during this time of year.

But getting exposure to daylight is vital for your wellbeing. We often get down in darker months and this is due to the limited amount of sunlight exposure.

It has been said that our brains love the sunlight as one of the reasons is it can help our sleeping routine.

If you are at work then during your lunch break spend time outside – make 15 minutes to have a walk around outside – you will come back refreshed and be more able to focus on your afternoon work

How to beat the January blues

 Book a holiday

With Christmas and the New Year over you may feel you have nothing to look forward to.

There is nothing more exciting than having something to look forward to. You get excited and feel happy that something is happening.

So why not book a holiday. It does not have to be expensive – just a few days away in the UK would suffice.

It has been said that simply looking forward to a break away will keep your endorphins (pleaure hormones) flowing strong.


No I do not mean joining a gym and then giving up in Feb which most people do.
However exercise does lift your mood so you will feel better.
You will feel that you are doing something to get rid of post Christmas bulge.
Why not start with getting off the bus or tube stop one or two stops earlier then work up to 10,000 steps a day. However, do not feel guilty if you do not achieve the amount of steps you set out to do. The fact you are doing something is key.
Perhaps you have a favourite sport you enjoy – well now is the best time to start.
How to beat the January blues

 I hope these few tips help you to beat the January Blues. 

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