Are you making any New Year Resolutions for 2023?

Are you making any New Year Resolutions for 2023?

The question everyone will be asking soon is ‘Are you making any New Year Resolutions for 2023?’

We all feel like the 1st January is the start of a new book and we are on the first page. We want to change our bad habits and make a fresh start.

Are you making any New Year Resolutions for 2023?


Making New Year Resolutions can be a great motivator for people – they have finally decided that they need to change something about their lifestyle and commit to taking action that is required to achieve a good outcome.

Having said that by mid-February how many of us have gone back on the resolutions we proudly made on 1st January.

Maybe part of the issue is that we do not know how to keep to those resolutions – despite all our best effort.

The most common Resolutions are: –

  • Lose Weight
  • Stop Smoking
  • Get a better well paid job
  • Save more money
  • Exercising more
  • Spending more time with the family

All of the above are great things to try and achieve – but can you actually be successful with your New Year Resolutions

Are you making any New Year Resolutions for 2023?

So why are we breaking our New Year Resolutions

One reason is that we are too eager and make several in the attempt to change our life for the better. So keeping to all of them can be difficult.

If one of your resolutions is to lose 3 stone in a year that can be a daunting task. So if you break it down and say you will lose 5lb a month – that is more achievable. Consequently, you are more likely to stick to your original resolution.

If one of your resolutions is to eat healthier foods, then start by replacing a few of you less healthy foods with more good fruit and veg. Once you have resolved that aspect then think about ordering less takeaways or eating out a few times less each month.

Limit your New Year Resolution’s to just one

Do not try and spread yourself too thin with having several resolutions

If you stick to one you will find that achieving a small step can boost your belief and self confidence in yourself.  If you take on too much at once it can be overwhelming. After all establishing new behaviour patterns takes time and effort. It can take up to 28 days to break a habit.

What if you fail?

We are all human and sometimes things are out of our control. If you give up on a resolution e.g. you wanted to stop smoking and a few days in you had a cigarette are you going to not continue with your resolutions of stop smoking. If you get back on track and know the reason why you had for example that cigarette you can plan to make sure you avoid that situation again. Do not think I can never achieve my resolutions do not make a big deal out of it. Just keep going.

Are you making any New Year Resolutions for 2023?

I hope these few tips will be useful and good luck with your New Year Resolutions.


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