Alternative Uses for Oranges

Alternative Uses for Oranges

I love oranges not only do they taste great they are very healty and low in calories. An average orange is around 80 calories.

However apart from eating them there are many alternative uses for oranges

Oranges are very healthy but please remember that if you are taking certain medications including blood pressure tablets you may need to limit your consumption of oranges and other citrus fruits. The reason is that nutirents in citrus fruits which can include potassium could interfer with your medication – so if in doubt do check with your doctor.


Alternative Uses for Oranges

Make an orange peel facemask

You will need several orange peels. Grate the dried orange peels to form a powder. Then add equal parts of water (you can also use milk instead). Mix them to a paste and simply apply over the face and you can even use this as a body treatment.

Keep your fridge smelling nice

Why not place an orange peel filled with salt in your fridge. This will keep it smelling nice and get rid of any odours from the other foods stored in your fridge. The best way is to cut the orange into half slices and scoop out the pulp. Then fill the rind with salt. Make sure you place the orange near the back of the fridge. Then you can enjoy the lovely aroma when you open the fridge the next time.

Alternative Uses for Oranges

Keep cats out of your garden

We all love cats but we do not always want strays in our garden.

How often do you find stray cats using your garden to leave mess. One way to get them to avoid your garden is to use an orange mix. Simply mix some orange peels and ground coffee and leave around the area the cats often visit in the garden. This should get rid of the cats from your garden safely.

Use orange peel as a natural household cleaner

I hate using household cleaners as I like natural products. This is a good one to use

When peeling the orange take off as much of the white part of the rind as you can. Then put the peels into a jar of vinegar and leave for around two weeks. Make sure you shake the jar once a day. Do make sure of course the lid is secure! After two weeks you need to get another container and strain the liquid into it. This cleaner has a long shelf life and it can kill germs safely.

Clean up mess

There is nothing worse then having sticky spots in your home which can be caused by spilling something or even trying to remove a sticker and you have the glue still on your table top. I hate that! So use the rind of the orange as a cleaner to get rid of spills or sticker glue. The orange rind has natural oils which when pressed against the spills or sticker glue will help loosen the dirt.

 Clean your microwave

Cleaning your microwave is another chore many of us hate. However you can use oranges to get the microwave nice and clean. Get several orange peels and cut them into quarters. Then add the peels to a bowl of water using a microwave safe dish. Place in microwave for around 5 minutes then once complete (turn off the microwave) and then clean the microwave with a clean towel.

Alternative Uses for Oranges

I hope these few tips are useful as after all why not put the food we use to good use. That way there is no waste at all


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