5 Tips on how to de stress

5 Tips on how to de stress

We all lead busy lives and I know I could use a little less stress in my life. How about you? What with work, relationships, children, cost of living etc. we seem to be unable to escape to a stress free life.

Below how are 5 tips on how to de stress to help to try to create that stress free life? If however, you are concerned about your stress levels then do not hesitate to contact your GP.

5 Tips on how to de str

Listen to music

If you are feeling very stressed by a situation then listen to some music.

Playing calm music can have a really good positive effect no only on the body but the brain as well. Listening to music can help lower blood pressure and also reduce cortisol which is a hormone that is linked to stress.

5 Tips on how to de stress


Make sure you are eating the right foods

For many of us when we are stressed we simply reach out for that large bar of chocolate, that packet of biscuits or order a take away.

When we are very stressed we do not eat well. We resort to eating anything and everything that is full of sugar or fatty foods as a treat or pick me up.

So the weight we put on the more stressed we get the more we eat. As you can see it can be viscous circle.

So try to plan ahead and avoid the sugary snacks. Why not plan to buy more fruit and veg instead. In fact Fish is excellent as it has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which can help reduce the symptoms of stress. A bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon could be classed as brain food!

5 Tips on how to de stress

Have a good laugh

We all love a good comedy and laughing makes we feel biter. It releases endorphins that improve our moods and this in turn decreases the levels of the stress callusing hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Your nervous system is tricked into making you happy by laughing.

5 Tips on how to de stress

Get a good night’s sleep

It is recommended that an adult needs around 7-8 hours of good sleep a night. Lack of sleep will start to increase your level of stress hormones. Make sure your bedroom is warm and comfortable to get a good sleep. The room should be dark (no mobile phone lights on), cool and free from any outside distracting noise.

5 Tips on how to de stress


Use the word ‘No’ more often

One of the reasons we can be stressed is we say ‘Yes’ everything.

Saying ‘No’ can be difficult. We do not want to offend people. Especially, family, friends or work colleagues. We end up having more on our plate than we can handle.

If people are asking you to a party and you are very busy that week then simply say No our family are too busy this week. However we would love to meet up with you in two weeks’ time. That way you have said No but not offended our friend.

Simply saying No occasionally will mean that you will save a lot of stress for each and every one.

5 Tips on how to de stress

I hope these few tips will help you de stress and remember do not stress over things you cannot control

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